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The RV's

In our quest for the ultimate “Domesticated” design. The RV is exactly as its name implies… A “Recreational Vehicle”. Designed for extracting maximum fun with minimum effort and ease of exploitation of your precious free time… If you want to cruise the coast in style and comfort, surf in a resplendent state of wave catching excess and bliss, then the R.V. is for you. The design stems from a blend of the Bottom Feeder/Couch Potato/LayZtoy genre. Noticeable updates include the double wing flyers added to the tail, to reduce surface area and increase bite and precision in turns. Tahe reduced surface area adds confidence of not sliding out in hard snaps, and carves. The novice outline has also been tweaked to reduce some are in the forward 12-18″ of the board, but without reducing drive down the line or paddle ability. The nose feels like it “comes around” quicker in turns and looks …and feels, like more of a performance design. Get on an R.V. and enjoy your recreational time like you never knew you could! 

A stretched out R.V. Double Bump to Round tail. Works for the guy who loved the RV, but wants to ride similar design in better or medium to larger waves. The double bump Rnd tail maintains speed like a wider tail template, but holds in and can be positioned in more critical parts of waves and ridden with confidence in larger more powerful surf. A great one board traveler for the domesticated man. 

 Features a fresh, fun, flashy tail added to a tried and true favorite. Nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering here. The Split Diamond tail has been growing in popularity among many shapers lately. I became interested in it as soon as I saw first them on boards like Tomos and Mandellas a few years ago. Adding this tail to the R.V. creates a longer, straighter rail line in the back half of the board….generating more drive off the tail. The surface area is increased, adding more lift, the notched out “split” gives a little bite and release to hold in and bleed some speed. As a fresh twist update to an already popular board, The Split Tail R.V. is as equally fun and squirty in small, connect the dot, gutless dribble as it is effective in high-lining and down carving arcs across long speedy walls.