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The V2 Rockets

The V2 has a bit less tail rocker, with less concave through he fins which creates a faster rail line under foot. I actually deepened the concave out of the tail as well. The soft wing helps retain of the quick redirection off the top n bottom..and lend more control in the bowl. To tell the truth, I have moved the points of the diamond up a bit and made the angle closer to the Stealth tail, but haven’t finalized this 100%. The nose rocker is bent up more in the last 12″ (to balance the lower TR and keep from poking) and the concave is brought further forward (to compensate for more NR and also further elongating the rail line for more front foot drive) and help with even faster out the gate take rides. The tail rail is sculpted in a more pronounced way, adding a touch of double concave under the rear foot, as well as a low, square and boxy tail rail. I also made the nose a touch wider in the 12-18′ mark. Overall a easier board to ride for an average surfer in sub-par waves. it has more down the line drive and a bit less skateboard kick tail feel.

The nose is flat, full and wide, the Rocker is lower overall and volume is generously distributed further into the rails and farther out to the nose and tail; So ride it a couple inches shorter, and a good ½ wider, than a Rocket or V2 to get that great “Rocket” feeling in even smaller, more crowded junky waves. Shown here in “E-Technologies” EPS and SuperSap Epoxy, with mosaic bamboo inlay deck and resin tint bottom. All V2 Stubs are designed with 5 fin options.

The pro’s choice version of the Rocket. Pulled in single wing, swallow tail (for tight radius control and precision) and a touch more nose rocker make this hybrid of the Rocket the choice for light, fast, snappy surfers. Gorkin, Ian Gentil, Ben Borgeouis, Asher Nolan, Andrew Doheny, Cory Lopez and Hobgood Bros all count the Grocket as one of their all time favorite boards. …Now available as the “GROCKET BG”. Flatter deck, with full rails and straighter wider tail and nose outlines, give the Grocket “BG” added, built in momentum, and more stable and forgiving ride. This “Gentleman’s” version of the Grocket makes a great all-rounder for slightly older or more solidly built (fat?) surfers.