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The V3's

The V3 Rocket is an extension of the Rocket Collection. Released in 2014, it quickly became a surf shop sales standout and a custom order favourite, around the world.  From the average, every day surfer, to the traveling pro, almost all who ride a V3 are stoked. Word has spread, and popularity continues to grow. From My personal 6‘0’ x 40 litre “go-to” board all year long, to Luke Davis winning a WQS on a 23 litre 5’4” the diversity is clear…it’s a great all around hybrid design for just about any type of surfer. In the last year, Nate Yeomans won two more Pro events on a V3. The Oneill, Cold Water Classic (in Fall 2014) on a stock 5’9” V3, in standard construction, and most recently The SunDiego AmSlam, on a stock 5'7", in BlackDart construction. Now available in both C3 and BlackDart builds.

We took the V3-Rocket, and replaced the Rocket tail with a smooth little squash tail. At the same, looking for more down the line projection, we relaxed the rocker through the centre of the board. The rocker in the nose/tail is still curvy and fits into tight sections, but the board has a ridiculous amount of glide. The overall stock dims are pulled in, closer to that of a small wave HP shortboard. The subtle changes make for a balanced and conservative board that further closes the gap between Rocket type hybrids and the HP Short board. This board can easily be ordered in more playful dims, that are similar to the V3-Rockets proportions, as well.

A one-two punch with the V3-Squash-It. The “Round It” features a round tail behind the double bumps. The new tail shape, combined with a more relaxed central rocker and a reduction in concave throughout, makes the board more stable and controllable in punchy surf. Although it will easily handle larger surf, it is not designed necessarily as a step up, but more as an all-around, one board, war horse. With its still wide-ish nose, low entry rocker (and the high performance back half) it is a very predictable, precise yet forgiving board that is at home on head high Trestles crumblers, chest high dumping beach break, or overhead reef breaks.