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  • Globe - Sun City Complete - 30"

    The Sun City cruiser board in color Black Burle/White Pearl is a mid-sized surf inspired swallow tail cruiser . It is available in size 30" x 9" x 18.5"WB. It...
    R 2,599.00
  • Globe - Big Blazer XL (Rosewood/Black) 36.25"

    The Blazer XL cruiser board in color Rosewood/Black is a long length diamond-tail cruiser with built-in bottle opener and soft cruiser wheels . It is available in size 36.25" x...
    R 2,699.00
  • Sector 9 - Vista Maple Lookout Complete

    The Lookout in Bamboo construction is our best-selling board, so we duplicated the exact size and shape here, in Maple, for a different riding option.   Whether you're pushing around town...
    R 3,899.00
  • Sector 9 - Vista Ripple Complete

    Want the feel of a traditional Sector 9 pintail, but with a shorter overall length and wheelbase? If so, the new Ripple is your dream come true! Responsive, effortless, time-honored...
    R 3,299.00
  • Globe - Chromantic 33" x 9.5" (Teak/Floral) Complete

    The Chromantic skateboard is a medium-length surf inspired swallow tail cruiser. Featuring resin-7 hard rock maple, mellow concave with kick tail, 6.0" Tensor alloy trucks, 62mm 83a wheels and clear...
    R 2,799.00
  • Sector 9 - Geo Kendo Complete

    Bamboo grows so fast that we need to continually put it to use, so what better place to start our 2018 collection than with the extremely versatile Kendo. Whether you're...
    R 2,999.00
  • Sector 9 - Breaker Barra Soap Complete

    Making hard carves in tight places and being ready for the next one is exactly what the Barra Soap is about. It'll let you pump without having to put your...
    R 3,399.00
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