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  • Globe - Sun City Complete - 30"

    The Sun City cruiser board in color Black Burle/White Pearl is a mid-sized surf inspired swallow tail cruiser . It is available in size 30" x 9" x 18.5"WB. It...
    R 2,599.00
  • Globe - Big Blazer XL (Rosewood/Black) 36.25"

    The Blazer XL cruiser board in color Rosewood/Black is a long length diamond-tail cruiser with built-in bottle opener and soft cruiser wheels . It is available in size 36.25" x...
    R 2,699.00
  • Rad - Cruiser (Purple)

      Weight 2.8 kg Dimensions 73 × 20 × 14.5 cm  
    R 1,099.00
  • Sector 9 - Vista Maple Lookout Complete

    The Lookout in Bamboo construction is our best-selling board, so we duplicated the exact size and shape here, in Maple, for a different riding option.   Whether you're pushing around town...
    R 3,899.00
  • Sector 9 - Vista Ripple Complete

    Want the feel of a traditional Sector 9 pintail, but with a shorter overall length and wheelbase? If so, the new Ripple is your dream come true! Responsive, effortless, time-honored...
    R 3,299.00
  • Globe - Chromantic 33" x 9.5" (Teak/Floral) Complete

    The Chromantic skateboard is a medium-length surf inspired swallow tail cruiser. Featuring resin-7 hard rock maple, mellow concave with kick tail, 6.0" Tensor alloy trucks, 62mm 83a wheels and clear...
    R 2,799.00
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