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  • Sector 9 - Ripped Louis Pro Complete

    Add a little sizzle to your ride with the Ripped Louis Pro! This board features a rippled concave in the front, which provides a pocket to lock your feet in...
    R 4,399.00
  • Sector 9 - Ripped Jimmy Pro Complete

    Harness the eye of the tiger with the Ripped Jimmy Pro and be more than ready to attack any terrain.  This all-around downhill board features a mellow combination of micro-drop...
    R 3,999.00
  • Sector 9 - Ripped Jacko Pro Complete

    Oi! Oi! Oi! Get straight to business with the updated Jacko Pro, which is now a few inches shorter from the past model.  The classic Sector 9 race outline and...
    R 3,999.00
  • Sector 9 - Peak Javelin Complete

    Wikipedia says ‘A javelin is a light spear designed primarily to be thrown, historically as a ranged weapon, but today predominantly for sport’.  We certainly don’t want you throwing our...
    R 3,999.00
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