There are a few things to consider once you decide to build a complete skateboard, and picking the right size of deck is the first of many choices you'll make. Choosing board shape is also super important. The length, width, materials, and concave of your skateboard deck determine what you will be able to do on your skateboard.
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  • Blind - Square Space Deck 8.0" x 31.6

    Get out and find a space to go skate with the Blind Round Space Black Deck 8.0 x 31.6. This is a pro quality skateboard deck constructed with Dwindle's Resin-7 technology to...
    R 799.00
  • Enjoi - Repeater Neon Black Deck 8.375" x 32.2

    Features: Dimensions: 8.375" x 32.2" Wheel Base: 14.25" Concave: Medium Concave w/ Medium Kick Construction: Resin Hybrid Deck, Single Press Material: 7-ply Hardrock & Canadian Maple Blend w/ Epoxy Resin...
    R 799.00
  • Zero - Brockman Let It Bleed Deck 8.0" x 31.6

    Get a little road rash? Just let it bleed so you can keep skating the Zero Brockman Let It Bleed Deck 8.0 x 31.6. This is a pro-quality skateboard deck constructed from traditional...
    R 949.00
  • Zero - Windsor Let It Bleed Deck 8.5" x 32.3

    Skate in style on this fresh Zero Skateboards Let It Bleed Skateboard Deck from Zero Skateboards. This professional quality Zero Skateboards Let It Bleed Skateboard Deck measures 8.5" wide x 32.3"...
    R 949.00
  • Almost - Droopy Boombox R7 Deck 8" x 31.7

    Almost has teamed up with legendary cartoonists Hanna-Barbera to deliver a series that is perfect for shredders and collectors alike. Almost decks are constructed from high-quality Canadian maple and built for...
    R 899.00
  • Sector 9 - Concrete Jungle Deck

    We thought it important to have an extremely adaptable board in our 2018 Bob Marley line-up and the Concrete Jungle fits the bill. This cool customer will let you light...
    R 1,299.00
  • Enjoi - Spectrum Deck (Black) 8.25" x 31.5"

    Width: 8.25"   Length: 31.7"   Construction: Hybrid   Colorway: Black
    R 799.00
  • Enjoi - Pussy Magnet Pilz Deck 8.25" x 31.7"

    Width: 8.375"   Length: 31.7"   Construction: Resin7   Colorway: Red/Orange   Pro: Jackson Pilz
    R 899.00
  • Blind - Square Space Deck 8.25" x 32.1"

    Width: 8.25"   Length: 32.1"   Construction: Hybrid   Colorway: Green
    R 799.00
  • Zero - Brockman Child's Play Deck 8.375" x 32.1"

    Width: 8.375"   Length: 32.1"   Construction: Resin7   Colorway: Black/Red   Pro: James Brockman
    R 999.00
  • Zero - American Zero Ransom Note 8.125" x 31.7"

    Width: 8.125"   Length: 31.7"   Colorway: Green  
    R 999.00
  • Darkstar - Harley Davidson Shovelhead Lutzka Deck 8.125" x 31.8"

    Width: 8.125" Length: 31.8" Colorway: Chrome Blue Pro: Greg Lutzka
    R 899.00
  • Almost - Side Pipe Blurry HYB Deck 8.5" x 32.2"

    Width: 8.5"  Length: 32.2" Type: Hybrid
    R 949.00
  • Zero - Sandoval Boss Dog Deck 8.125" x 31.7"

    Width: 8.125" Length: 31.7" Concave: Medium/Medium Kick  Construction: Resin7
    R 999.00
  • Zero - Thomas Effervescent Deck 8.25" x 31.9"

    Width: 8.25" Length: 31.9" Concave: Medium/Medium Kick  Construction: Resin7
    R 999.00
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