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  • Pyzel - The Ghost

    The Ghost is a board we've been making for team riders and friends for a couple of years now, and finally decided to put it on the "menu" after all...
    From R 6,556.01
  • Pyzel - The Stubby Bastard

    The Stubby Bastard provides you with the best of both worlds, an ultra high-performance shortboard and a stubby step-down that is a great addition to any quiver.�We�ve taken JJF�s favorite...
    From R 6,556.01
  • Pyzel - The Amigo

    We made the Amigo to fit somewhere right between the Pyzalien and the Flash, as either a chunky shortboard, or a streamlined stubbie.�The heart of this board is a very...
    From R 6,556.01
  • Pyzel - The JJF Slab 2.0

    The JJF Slab 2.0 is a new, updated version of our Slab. John John has been riding this design for the past year, and even rode one in the 2015...
    From R 6,556.01
  • Pyzel - The Pyzalien

    One of our best loved designs ever! Technically it's a Stubbie, but this board really can take the place of any high-performance shortboard. It has a single concave running from...
    From R 6,354.25
  • Pyzel - The Slab

    With the Nugget, we took one of our favorite designs, the Short Cut and basically made a step DOWN version for the surfer who wants an easy paddling, fast, responsive...
    From R 6,556.01
  • Pyzel - The Shorcut

    The ShortCut started as a NextStep, which we chopped 4" off the nose, blending in a nice forward wide-point outline for drive, lowered the entry rocker for good paddling and...
    From R 6,556.01
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