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  • Pyzel - Gremlin Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS    If you love the feel of your Ghost and Phantom, but want a shorter, chunkier board for smaller surf the Gremlin is gonna make you very...
    From R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - Screaming Eagle Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS   The Screaming Eagle is a foil board designed to get you up and flying as fast as possible.   Features that will help:   -Flat rocker...
    R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - Rip Off Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS    A super fun small wave board!   Designed with a very deep single concave through the entire bottom, flatter nose rocker and lots of tail lift...
    From R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - Grom Phantom Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS    Now you can order our Phantom in Grom sizes! The Phantom is the Step-down version of John John Florence's current favorite model the Ghost.   When...
    R 6,499.00
  • Pyzel - The Radius

    The 2018 Radius is the latest incarnation of our top high performance design, the Bastard, John John Florence's go-to board during his run at the World Title in 2016. Jon...
    From R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - The Happy Twin

    The Happy Twin is Pyzels�modern take on the classic winged swallow twin fin.Built for down the line speed and lightning fast turns, easy paddling and maximum fun.It features a full,...
    R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - The Voyager 1

    For the 2017 World Tour John John Florence knew that he wanted to improve every aspect of his surfing so we started working on a new board that would help...
    From R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - The 74

    The 74 was chosen by Dane Reynolds as the 2016 Board of the Year in the �Stab in the Dark� blind surfboard test, and is designed with better waves and...
    R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - The Sure Thing

    The Sure Thing is designed to give you a great blend of Performance and Fun all wrapped up in a full-figured, yet streamlined board that will glide through the weakest...
    From R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - The Ghost

    The Ghost is a board we've been making for team riders and friends for a couple of years now, and finally decided to put it on the "menu" after all...
    From R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - The Stubby Bastard

    The Stubby Bastard provides you with the best of both worlds, an ultra high-performance shortboard and a stubby step-down that is a great addition to any quiver.�We�ve taken JJF�s favorite...
    From R 6,599.00
  • Pyzel - The Amigo

    We made the Amigo to fit somewhere right between the Pyzalien and the Flash, as either a chunky shortboard, or a streamlined stubbie.�The heart of this board is a very...
    From R 6,599.00