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  • Pyzel - Grom Ghost

    For the grom who likes a little bit bigger surf and wants a board to handle that! We took our Ghost model and shrunk it down to give the groms...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - Gromlin

    The Gromlin is a great board for both the kid who is just ready to start catching their own waves, or for little rippers who are looking for something different...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - Grom Phantom

    For groms to make the most out of everyday surf- this is our daily driver Phantom in specially designed grom sizes!   The Phantom is the Step-down version of John...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - Astro Pop

    You want to go fast? Weʼve got the Funformance design that will give you another reason to get into the water all summer long. The Astro Pop is designed to...
    From R 7,599.00
  • Pyzel - Shadow

    BOARD FEATURES   Tail Shape:Squash Construction: PU Wave Size:2 - 8 Ft Skill Level:Intermediate, Advanced, Professional Wave Type:Mushy Beach Break, Hollow Beach Break, Reef Break, Beach Break, Point Break and...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - Gremlin Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS    If you love the feel of your Ghost and Phantom, but want a shorter, chunkier board for smaller surf the Gremlin is gonna make you very...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - Screaming Eagle Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS   The Screaming Eagle is a foil board designed to get you up and flying as fast as possible.   Features that will help:   -Flat rocker...
    R 8,499.00
  • Pyzel - Rip Off Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS    A super fun small wave board!   Designed with a very deep single concave through the entire bottom, flatter nose rocker and lots of tail lift...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - Phantom Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS    The Phantom is the Step-down version of John John Florence's current favorite model the Ghost.   When we first brought out the Ghost we had no...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - Grom Phantom Surfboard

    *SHIPPING 10-14 DAYS    Now you can order our Phantom in Grom sizes! The Phantom is the Step-down version of John John Florence's current favorite model the Ghost.   When...
    R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - The Radius

    The 2018 Radius is the latest incarnation of our top high performance design, the Bastard, John John Florence's go-to board during his run at the World Title in 2016. Jon...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - The Happy Twin

    The Happy Twin is Pyzels modern take on the classic winged swallow twin fin.Built for down the line speed and lightning fast turns, easy paddling and maximum fun.It features a...
    From R 6,999.00
  • Pyzel - The Voyager 1

    For the 2017 World Tour John John Florence knew that he wanted to improve every aspect of his surfing so we started working on a new board that would help...
    From R 7,499.00
  • Pyzel - The 74

    The 74 was chosen by Dane Reynolds as the 2016 Board of the Year in the Stab in the Dark, blind surfboard test, and is designed with better waves and...
    R 7,499.00