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Hub Chronicles

Crazy ariel perspective of Shipstern's.

October 05, 2015

Featuring Mick Fanning, Mark Mathews, Laurie Towner, Ryan Hipwood, Danny Griffiths, Tyler HX, Brent Dorrington and Mr Mathews.

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Vice - Epicly Later'd: Chocolate

November 19, 2014

"Chocolate has always been an elite skateboarding brand, so we jumped at the opportunity to do a "20 Years of Chocolate" episode. It gave us a chance to tap a lot of skaters that have never been featured on the show before, and its an honor just to ride in Chocolate's wake..

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Bones Brigade 'The Search for Animal Chin' (1987)

October 22, 2014

The Search for Animal Chin is a Powell Peralta 1987 skateboarding film featuring the Bones Brigade. It is one of the first skateboarding films to have a "plot"

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Sunday Bowl Session with John John Florence

July 02, 2014

Boardhub rider Frank Solomon pulled a few strings and we were lucky enough to skate what is without a doubt the sickest private bowl in Cape Town! John John showing everyone how it's done with way too much style! 


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