Bushings - Boardhub
Skateboard truck bushings are the rubbery rings that fit around the kingpin on your skateboard trucks. The bushings assist in allowing your board to turn and pivot smoothly. Stiffer bushings will result in a more resistant board, which can be an advantage when performing tricks. For easy movement when cruising or carving the streets, looser bushings are a good option.
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  • Bones - Hard Bushings (White/Black Pack)

    Bushings for one pair of trucks (Set of 2).      
    R 249.00
  • Bones - Soft Bushings (White/Blue)

    div class="std" itemprop="description"> Features Patented Double Action bushing Chemically bonded core insert High rebound urethane Benefits No break in period Highly responsive turns Increased truck performance Improved skating experience Hardness: 81A...
    R 249.00
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