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Surfboard fins are a crucial part of your surfboard setup. Choosing fins that will work best for you and your surfboard depends on your size, riding style, and your surfboard's fin box.

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  • Futures - Fiberglass Performance 4.5 (Solid/Transparent Grey)

    PERFORMANCEChoose your weapon. The Performance range offers a solution for every set up. The 4.5” is the standard thruster center fin, with a 1-Shot Box base. The 6”, 7” and...
    R 999.00
  • RYD - Road Movie Honeycomb Fins Medium Thrusters 2 Tab (FCS)

    Carbon FlexRoad Movie Medium Pivot Our Alt Range uses composite materials. That's just a fancyterm for saying we use two different types of material inthe fin construction that delivers, what...
    R 1,549.00
  • RYD - Foundry Glass Large Thrusters 2 Tab (FCS)

    Our true range fins are made from traditional and original fibreglass material. Fibreglass construction will offer your fins a stiff but responsive feel in a range of conditions. Side Fins...
    R 1,199.00
  • Futures - Blackstix 3.0 CRAIG ANDERSON (Black)

     When Futures Fins were challenged with the task of making Craig Anderson a signature fin, they knew the Speed Generating characteristics (springy, fluid & responsive) of the Blackstix line would suit...
    R 2,220.00
  • Futures - Honeycomb Machado Quad (Black/Swirl)

    FUTURES FINS MACHADO QUADThe Rob Machado Quad is a new edition to the Futures line for 2019. The template was designed by Rob to compliment his Firewire/Machado Seaside model, with...
    R 3,199.00
  • Futures - Alpha F6 5-Fin (Carbon/Blue)

    The F6 Alpha 5-fin is a medium sized set in the Neutral template category. Made in Huntington Beach, the Alpha product line now combines Bureo’s NetPlus recycled fishing nets with Futures’...
    R 1,850.00
  • Futures - Techflex AM2 5 Fin Set (Orange/Red)

    The AM2 Techflex is the largest thruster design by Al Merrick of Channel Islands Surfboards and its responsive flex pattern make it ideal for high-performance power-surfing in good waves.This fin...
    R 3,380.00
  • Futures - Thermotech FT1 (White)

    FUTURES FT1 ThermoTech White - Twin setTwin fin feel with added thrust and smoothness from rail to rail.     Side Fins Center Fin Area 19.79 7.90 Height 5.14 3.26...
    R 519.00
  • Futures - Alpha FT1 (Carbon/Tan)

    The T1 Alpha Twin +1 is Future's performance twin-fin designed for small wave, in the pocket surfing that modern twin-fins are becoming known for. Made in Huntington Beach, the Alpha...
    R 1,240.00
  • Futures - Fiberglass Channel Islands Keel (Smoke)

    The Al Merrick Keel (AMK) by Channel Islands is a modern take on a classic design. Developed in conjunction with the Fish Beard, the AMK features a modern rake and...
    R 2,350.00
  • Futures - Honeycomb Channel Islands AMT (Grey)

    The Al Merrick Twin +1 (AMT) was designed by Channel Islands creator for Rob Machado's Robber model surfboard. The AMT generates maximum speed, drive and hold through big carves to...
    R 2,350.00
  • Futures - Techflex John John (L) Thrusters (Black/Neon Red)

    The John John Techflex (S) fin is a small sized thruster in the Neutral template category. This template is a scaled down version of the Medium template that John John Florence...
    R 2,475.00
  • Futures - Techflex John John (M) Thrusters (Black/Neon Green)

    The John John Techflex (M) fin is a medium sized thruster in the Neutral template category. This is the template that John John Florence rode exclusively to back-to-back World Championships,...
    R 2,475.00
  • Futures - Techflex John John (S) Thrusters (Black/Neon Blue)

    The John John Techflex (S) fin is a small sized thruster in the Neutral template category. This template is a scaled down version of the Medium template that John John...
    R 2,475.00
  • Futures - Honeycomb R6

    The R6 Legacy Series is a medium sized thruster in the Rake template category. The increased rake provides hold through turns, and the Honeycomb construction gives a balanced feel for all-around...
    R 2,000.00
  • Futures - Blackstix 3.0 AM1 (Cream/carbon)

    This is a drop ship item which takes 5 - 10 days for delivery from date of purchase.  FUTURES VII AM1 Blackstix 3.0 Cream & Carbon - Thruster set Over the...
    R 2,099.00
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