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Well chosen bushings can be the difference between a ride that feels 'just right' or 'just off'. There are basic guidelines to selecting bushings, but it will always come down to personal preference. Standard bushings that come with trucks are not necessarily the bushing for you.

If you want to experiment with bushings, we recommend that you select a duro based on your weight. From there you can start moving up or down in duro depending on how much stability or manoeuvrability you're looking for, also bearing in mind the shape of the bushing and the discipline your after.

Recommended Duro 
Weight  < 45kg  45kg - 56kg  56kg - 68kg  68kg - 80kg   80kg - 90kg  90kg - 102kg  102kg >
 Duro  78a   81a  85a  87a  90a  93a  97a 
Bushing Shapes
Stepped Cones

Cones allow you to get the most roll out of your trucks. As a result, you will have less stability and a lot more turning ability if cruzing & carving is your thing.  

Barrels will give you the balance between stability and manoeuvrability. Fitting nicely in the seat of your truck , Barrels are perfect for an all-round setup.

This bushing has more width and less hight offering more support and stability. Best suited for Downhill.

Stepped Cones is the bridge between your cone and eliminator shaped bushing. Best suited for a Freeride setup when looking for more manoeuvrability at higher speeds.   


Recommended Shapes 
Tech Downhill

A riders that prefers cruising and taking it easy. Doesn't take anything too serious and enjoys just shredding it all up everywhere.

 All-round sort of skating where you can flex in all areas. Bombing, Carving, Sliding with no pressure or finish lines.

A Freerider that demands more speed. The cross over between Downhill and Freeriding where pre-drifting , speedy cornering, bombing and high speed sliding is what it's all about.

Huge hills and high speeds. The skaters with the balls. The finish line's the goal.

Deck Side



 Barrel / Eliminator  Eliminator
Road Side


Cone  Barrel /Stepped  Eliminator / Stepped




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