VS - Winchester Torque PE CTR 41" (Black/Fluro Green) - Boardhub
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VS - Winchester Torque PE CTR 41.5" (Black/Fluro Green)

VS - Winchester Torque PE CTR 42" (Black/Fluro Green) Dave Winchester possesses a natural bodyboarding talent that has seen him take multiple wins on the world tour and push for the sports ultimate prize on more than one occasion. A bona fide wave magnet, Dave has more recently switched his focus to raising a young family and heading up the R & D and design team for The Versus Project. The latest VS range is testimony to Winny’s constant search for functional foam fun. “When designing the Torque PE, we wanted to create a board that caught waves easily, generated speed in typical beach break conditions and allowed the rider to progress their wave riding ability. PE core is what I started on and I think it gives the best platform during the first few years of development. It’s a little softer and more comfortable and won’t bounce you off on hard landings. We’ve made the Torque PE with more volume on purpose, namely for added flotation. The template is a quite versatile and can be ridden either prone or on the knee. Double stringers and the HD slick bottom work really well with the 8lb PE deck and we made sure it has all the functional extras like Nose Bulbs, Channels and a Deck Grip for the back hand.” Dave Winchester Tech: Performance Template Designed by Dave Winchester 2.4pcf Sealed Air Ethafoam™ Extruded PE Core CNC Precision Manufacturing WaveSlick High Density Slick Skin 8lb x 5mm WaveCushion PE Deck & Outer Rails XFL Inner Rails, Nose and Tail Guards Back Hand Deck Grip Dual EXT Stringers Graduated Channels Nose Bulbs Crescent Tail Buzz-Tech Lamination.
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