There're a ton of different surfboard designs out there! Most of them tho can be put into these categories: Shortboards, Hybrids, Fishes, Step Ups, Guns, Minimals, Longboards & Grom. 


Shortboards are the most popular surfboard template in the world right now. You'll find that 95 percent of the surfers are riding boards between 5'5'' and 6'5''. These surfboards all attempt to offer the rider vertical, aggressive surfing but the category has broadened in recent years to focus on wave count in less than perfect waves too and there are plenty of surfboards here for that.



Hybrids take the fun bits of shortboards and fishes and mixes them up to produces something that is super sick in average conditions. The result is a board that has more volume, suited for heavier surfers, still has the ‘feel’ of a shortboard, fun, high wave count but still plenty of performance. Also perfectly suited to surf smaller less powerful waves.



Fishes are defined by having a swallow tail with a wider outline through the nose, centre and tail end. These boards have a low rocker profile, which makes them very stable, easy to paddle and ideal for smaller/weaker conditions because they can easily hold speed.


Step Ups

These boards are usually a couple of inches bigger than your shortboard, slightly narrower and usually have a pulled in tail. They are designed to perform in big, hollow, & powerful surf! If the conditions are less about turns and all about barrels, then the step up is the way to go.



The gun is a bigger version of the shortboard and is used in the big wave arena. The increased length of the board makes it possible to paddle into bigger waves. The gun can be anywhere from 7'2'' in length to over 12' for the really big waves. most surfers never surf in conditions where they really need them.  Just in case you are one of the few and the brave, we’ll tell you a little bit about them. 



These boards are designed specifcally for youth that want to progress thier surfing before they move onto regular shortboards. If you're a grom in the volume range between 15L and 22L these are the boards to go for.

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