Choosing Grip Tape

Skateboard grip tape is a sheet with a very rough, sandpaper-like top and a very sticky, glue-like bottom. The bottom is applied to the surface of the skateboard deck and the top provides grip for traction, which is a must if you want to stay on your board. There is no quality scale used to measure which grip is better than the other. Skateboarder’s grip choice is usually based off preference. It’s a fairly simple process buying and applying grip tape but its one of the first and most important steps of setting up your skateboard. Grip tape provides more than just traction. It can be a form of expression or a blank canvas. There are many colors and designs aside from the traditional black. For example, clear grip is a popular choice. Generally one sheet of grip tape is used per deck but if you feel like your grip is losing its traction, it can be replaced. At the end of the day, skateboarding is all about preference, personal style and how you want to express yourself. Us here at Boardhub understand that and aim to encourage freedom through skateboarding.


Applying Grip Tape

Start by peeling the bottom of the grip tape off, very similar to the way you would peel the bottom of a sticker. Once that’s done, stick the sheet of grip on the surface of the skateboard deck. Press down firmly on the grip tape making sure there are no air bubbles. When you feel the grip is stuck down properly, file the edges with a metal file, or my personal favorite, a screwdriver. The outline of the deck should be showing and this now becomes your guideline for cutting the excess grip tape with a razor blade.

Or if you feel like this was a bunch of useless information, check the video out below:

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