"Chocolate has always been an elite skateboarding brand, so we jumped at the opportunity to do a "20 Years of Chocolate" episode. It gave us a chance to tap a lot of skaters that have never been featured on the show before, and its an honor just to ride in Chocolate's wake.

We filmed more interviews than we have for any episode before—and this is still a fraction of the stories we could have told. The brand has gone through many different incarnations and endured its fair share of hardships. Enjoy." - Vice
"In this part we talk about Keenan Milton, who got on the team a year or so after it formed. He was one of the best before his tragic death by drowning in 2001. The legendary 2003 skate video Yeah Right! features a short prologue paying tribute to Keenan. Every story we heard about Keenan is what a great guy and friend he was, and how much he is missed.

Later on, we catch up with Stevie Williams to hear how Chocolate inspired him to start his own brand, DGK."
"After ​last week's heavy episode, it's time to relax and watch part three, where we cover Kenny Anderson's rise from a reluctantly sponsored Vegas local to "your favorite skater's favorite skater."
We talked with Kenny about learning under Brian Lotti and Chris Miller, riding for Planet Earth until the very end, and how artist Marc Johnson made his mark on Girl and Chocolate. Enjoy!"
"It's always interesting to see what skaters do after their time is up in professional skating, and the difficulties they face entering the real world. We tracked down Chocolate alumni everywhere from weed dispensaries to auto body shops to real estate firms. In the final Chocolate episode, we tried to tie up all the loose ends and take a look at the future of the team. We also caught up with some of the Trunk Boyz and went to East LA with Vincent.​" - Vice

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